The Penn Relays 2018

                             Thursday 4/26 – Saturday 4/28


                             Thursday 4/26: 6:10am Leave SJB and drive to U. Penn

Girls will be dropped off at the meet and the boys will continue to the hotel. Boys will get changed and get your workout done.

Girls Please make sure to have breakfast, lunch and snacks with you for before and after your races.

Girls will take the subway to the hotel after the 4x400 cools down.

11:00 last 4x8 (106) – 11:10-11:35-12:00 - 12:25 am Event #110: High School Girls 4x100m Relay Heats:

Team WH: - Warm up at 11:35back to me 12:10 - go to paddock at 12:15 – on track 12:35 (2018)










51.20 SB

Alternate: Haberfield + Colucci

1:35 Event 114 – First 4x400 - +5 min for each event

2:55 Event #130: High School Girls 4x400m Relay: - Team RI WU 1:50 - to me at 2:20 – to paddock at 2:30






63.7 SB


65.3 SB

62.0 SB


Alternate: Colucci

There are restaurants all around the hotel and each team will decide on where they are having dinner.

After dinner we will ESCAPE THE ROOM at 7:30pm.  Then back to the hotel and it will be lights out by 10:30pm


    Friday 4/27/18:

Boys will be leaving for the stadium at 9:00 am and you are expected to have had breakfast before we leave.

Breakfast is not provided by the hotel, so plan accordingly. Girls leave at 10:00am.

10:40 event 326 High School Boys 4x100m Relay heats – 11:05/327 – 11:25/328

11:45 am Event #329: Team ZT: - W/U 10:50 – To me – 11:35 to Paddock 11:45











Alternate: Brown


After the 4x100 race, the Boys 4x400 and the girls team will go for a workout.

2:30pm we will go back to the hotel and relax. After we meet in the lobby and go to dinner.

After dinner we will go back to the hotel and it will be lights out by 10:30.


            Saturday 4/28/18: 4x400m Relay (Starts at event 410 – 9:10am)

7:20am Boys are leaving for the stadium.

 10:02 am Event #423: Team NF – Warm up asap – to me 9:20 - to paddock 9:30







54.3 PR




Alternate: Tyszka + Roulette


After the 4x400m races, the girls and any boy that did not run the 400, will go for a workout.

After, we will enjoy the college and professional races until around 3pm.

We will be picked up at the stadium around 3pm and head back to the Hotel to pick up our luggage.

We should be back at SJB between 7:30 – 8:30pm


We will be staying at The Marriott Downtown

1201 Market St North Juniper Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107




Friday Events

12:55 College Women’s 4x100 Championship of America

1:05 High School Girls 4x800 Championship of America

1:15 College Women’s 4x1500

1:35 College Mens 4x200 Heats

2:20 High School Girls Championships in 4x100 by region

2:27 High School Girls Championship of America 4x100


Saturday’s Events

12:38 USA vs. The World 4x100 Women

12:50 USA vs. The World 4x100 Men

1:10 College men 4xMile

1:35 College men Championship of America

1:45 High School Boys Championship of America and regions

2:00 USA vs. The World Women’s SMR

2:10 USA vs The World Men’s SMR

2:35 USA vs. The World Men’s 4x400

2:52 USA vs. The World Women’s 4x400