SJB X-C 2016
Saturday 11/19/2016: New York State Federation Championships

[Team Results]

Boys 16th Place - Girls 22nd Place
Patrick Kain 18th Place and Hailey Marcello 70th Place

Saturday 11/12/16: CHSAA Catholic State Championships
[Team Results]
SJB Alumni comes in 3rd Place
Boys Varsity and Boys JV come in 5th Place
Girls JV comes in 4th Place
Girls Varsity Comes in 3rd Place!!!

Kerri McCormack (15:42)
5th Place overall - Runs Frosh School Record - Runs #6 Varsity All-Time SJB and 45th All Time CHSAA
Hailey Marcello (15:54)
6th Place overall - Runs #3 SJB Sophomore - Runs #9 Varsity All-Time SJB and 64th All Time CHSAA
Patrick Fiorillo (14:23)
Runs Frosh School Record
Patrick Kain (13:10)
3rd Place overall

Saturday 11/5/16: CHSAA Frosh/Soph Championships
[Team Results] [Official Results]


Kerri McCormack Runs 2nd Fastest Time on Freshmen Course in SJB History
Kerry Walser Runs 8th Fastest Time on Freshmen Course in SJB History
Patrick Fiorillo runs 3rd Fastest Time on Freshmen Course in SJB History
Hailey Marcello runs 3rd Fastest Time On Varsity Course for a Sophomore in SJB History
10/19/16: NSCHSAA Frosh/JV/Varsity Championships
[Team Results] [Official Results]
Kerri McCormack + Patrick Fiorillo + Patrick Kain

Freshmen Girls Team Wins!!!

Varsity Boys Team WINs!!!

Giulianna Vullo is voted Scholar Athlete of the League

Kerri McCormack Runs The Freshmen Girls School Record (8:46)
Hailey Marcello is the League Runner-Up and runs #9 All-Time SJB (20:46)

10/19/16: NSCHSAA Sophomore Champs and Open Race
[Team Results]
Both Boys + Girls come in 3rd Place - Girls miss 2nd by 2 points
Hailey Marcello 2nd Overall in 16:27
10/15/16: The Brown Northeast Championships
[Team Results]
All Teams Ran GREAT - Boys JV 5th Place - Boys Varsity WINS!!!!

Patrick Kain 15:37 and SECOND PLACE OVERALL

Aiden Healy 16:04 - 12th Place - Kyle McCormack 16:23 - 17th - Tom Roulette 16:26 - 19th
5-Person average 16:13
Colm Brown 3rd PLACE OVERALL in the JV Race - 16:59
ALSO Saturday 10/15 - Freshmen Relays
[Freshmen Results]
Boys come in 4th Place running the 3rd Fastest ever for SJB
Girls come in 2nd Place AND 5th Place running the 2nd fastest time in SJB History

Saturday 10/8/16: The Manhattan Inv
[Team Results] [Official Results]
40 Races - 10,200 runners - 210 to 350 runners in each race

Varsity Girls come in 9th out of 28 teams

Kerri McCormack and Kerry Walser run #1 and #6 in SJB History Frosh Times

Varsity Boys come in 4th out of 27 Teams

Aiden Healy Runs #8 Woody's and Patrick Kain runs #9th In SJB History

Wednesday 10/5 Developmental Races
[Team Results]
Patrick Fiorillo #3 All Time SJB - 7:46
Kerri McCormack #3 All Time SJB - 8:57
Kerry Walser #4 All Time SJB - 8:58

Wednesday 9/28 Developmental Races
[Team Results]
All 3 levels of Boys and Girls WIN

Boys Vs. St. Anthony's and St. Mary's
Girls Vs. Holy Trinity and St. Dom's
Saturday 9/24/16: Xavier Inv
[Team Results]
Another Saturday with more GREAT RESULTS
This week the freshmen moved up and impressed
Patrick Fiorillo runs #4 Frosh time on the 2.5 in School History (14:41)
Kerry Walser runs #8 Frosh time on the 2.5 in School History (17:04)
Kerri McCormack runs #1 Frosh time on the 2.5 in School History (16:22)
Both the Boys and Girls Varsity come in 3rd Place

Wednesday 9/21 Developmental Races
[Team Results]
Boys run a hard workout and loose to Chaminade
Girls Freshmen loose to St. Anthony's by 1 point and Varsity by 8 points

Saturday 9/17/16: Bob Pratt Inv
[Team Results] [Official Results]
Varsity Boys Win

Freshmen Girls WIN

Patrick Kain WINS 17:06 #6 SJB - #4 Woody's
Patrick Fiorillo 7:53 #6 SJB - #5 Woody's
Kerri McCormack 8:58 #3 SJB - #1 Woody's
Aiden Healy 17:33 #13 Woody's

Wednesday 9/14 Developmental Races
[Team Results]
Freshmen Girls Beat Sacred Heart Academy
Both Freshmen Teams Run Well - Varsity has some work to do

Saturday 9/10/16: Jim Smith Invitational
[Team Results] [Official Results]

Freshmen run great - Sophomores learn the course - Junior+Seniors sent home
To say the least, that was not optimal weather for racing...BUT...
Patrick Fiorillo and Kerri McCormack ran fast enough to make the top 10 in SJB History
This is going to be a great season
Monday 8/22: Varsity practice STARTS at 8am SHARP!!
Practice will be over around 10:30 but The freshmen practice starts at 9:30 and will not end until 11.
Any of you can stay and help with Frosh practice if you want
The TEAM Summer getaway scheduled for Saturday 8/20 has been cancelled
SJB Summer Running Club
Runs start Sunday July 3rd
8:00am Meet at Park Ave Babylon for Long Run
Run STARTS at 6:20pm with Sayville/Smithtown Running Co.
3+ or 6 mile run over the hills of Sunken Meadow
Sprinters and Jumpers should come and run the HILLS!!
Meet at SJB Track by 6:00pm
We will be doing intervals on the Track - Sprinters Are Welcome