SJB Cross Country Team Rules (in addition to all school rules)


1.     No drinking alcohol, no using illegal drugs and no smoking during the season.

2.     You must attend all meets and practices unless you are sick.  This means work, family trips, drivers-ed, family weekends at colleges for siblings, moving siblings into college, college visits, SAT Prep courses or anything else, cannot interfere with your COMMITMENT TO YOUR TEAM.  

3.     If you are sick, you must notify Coach Wood by phone (516-380-4691) or e-mail ( immediately, even on school days.

4.     After two unexcused absences you will be removed from the team.  DETENTIONS are considered unexcused absences.

5.     You must be respectful to SJB, the coaches, your teammates and your competitors at all times.

6.     If you are injured, you must still attend all practices and meets.  You will either assist the coaches or do workouts that do not affect your injury like riding the bike, lifting weights and core exercises.


What you must have whith you everyday to participate and remain on the team


1.     “Running Pants” that have liners are to be worn everyday – NOT GYM SHORTS.

2.     Shirts that indicate you are from SJB.

3.     A running watch with memory recall.

4.     Training shoes that are not worn out (<300 miles run) and not over three months old.

5.     A water bottle with your name on it.

6.     Racing shoes/spikes – I recommend the Saucony Ryan Shay’s.

7.     A towel and extra dry clothing stored in your locker for rainy day workouts.

8.     A sports bag for storage and safety of your equipment and clothing



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