6/11/10 - 6/12/10 New York State Federation Championships:
Saturdays Action 6/12/10   [Team Results]

Elijah Pardo is the New York State Federation Runner Up
2nd Place - WOW
What a GREAT way to end

Fridays Action 6/11/10:

Elijah runs 14.88 in the trials of the Large school 110HH and makes the finals tomorrow
The 4x100 runs 42.93 a Woody's Teams #2 in the large school champs

Tuesday 6/1/10: Warwick Fast Times Jamboree [Team Results]
4x800m Relay Runs 7:57.02 [Watch Video]

Congratulations Elijah Pardo
SJB Sportsman of the year

Saturday 5/23/10: CHSAA Champs (Catholic State Championship):

3rd Place for the Boys Team [Team Results]

Saturday 5/16/10: NSCHSAA League Championships
2nd Place with 66 Points and Terrific Results [Team Results]
Our Individual League Champions are:
Azeem Boyce-400IH, Seitu Solomon-LJ+TJ, Elijah Pardo 110HH and Matt Perrelli-HJ
Woody Team Records:
Seitu Solomon-LJ, Azeem Boyce-400IH and Matt Perrelli-HJ
Woody Team #2:
Troy Pitt-HJ
Woody Team Soph Records:
Sean Hall-3000 SC and LaQuan Martinez-110HH
Sophomores 5th Place and Freshmen 6th Place
Many good results to close out the Freshmen/Sophomore Season
[Team Results]
Tuesday 5/4/10: League Frosh and Soph Champs
Frosh 3rd Place and Sophs 2nd Place
Many good results and a few Woody Team Records
[Team Frosh Results] [Team Soph Results]
Friday 4/30 + Saturday 5/1: St. Anthony's Inv
[Friday's Team Results] [Saturday's Team Results]
Two days - over 17 hours of UNBELIEVABLE Competition

2 NEW Pole Vaulters - Pochat clears 8' and Sabarese just misses
59 PR's in Total - 37 PR's in the 400's
11 Frosh Sub 60 in 400m's + 11 Frosh/Sophs Sub 2:15 in 800m's

Pardo 21'2 LG - Micheels+Boyce WT#1+#2 400mIH - Frosh 4x800 8:42 - Frosh 4x400 3:42 - Hall 2nd Place 2000mSC - Safina 11' PV - Solomon 1:56 800m - Pardo 4th 110mHH - 4x100m Relay 43.28 - 4x400m Relay 3:20 WT#2

The Penn Relay's [Results]

4x800m Relay runs 8:01.76 - Woody's Team Record - #7 NYS
32nd out of 66 teams, 2nd Catholic State and 2nd on Long Island
4x100m Relay runs 43.46 which is a Woody's Team #3 [4x100m Relay Video]
61st out of 588 teams, 9th New York State, 2nd Catholic State, 2nd on Long Island
4x400m Relay runs 3:22.67 and wins [4x400m Relay Video]
54th out of 609 teams, 8th in New Yorl State, 2nd in Catholic State, 3rd on Long Island
Wednesday 4/21/10: Developmental meet at SJB
The Boys Threw Far, Ran Fast and Jumped High...Very Impressive Job
[Team Results]
Saturday 4/17/10: Suffolk Coaches Inv [Team Results]
SJB Makes a BIG Statement running BIG Times
3 Woody's Team Records - 2 Woody's Team #2's - 1 Woody's Team Soph + 1 Frosh
Pardo runs #3 110 High Hurdles in the State
Micheels runs #5 400 Intermediate Hurdles in the State
Zampariello runs #11 3200 in the State
Wednesday 4/14/10 Developmental at Chaminade: [Team Results] Very good results by the Frosh and Sophs
Paolo Fiore sets a Woody's Team Frosh Record in the 3200m
Saturday 4/10: Suffolk Track Officials Inv: [Team Results]
A cold and windy day with very good results
1 Woody Team Frosh Record - Paolo Fiore in the 1500
and 1 Woody Team #2 - Sprint Medley Relay
Elijah Pardo Wins the 110m High Hurdles and the SMR team of Michael DuPlessis, Elijah Pardo, Azeem Boyce and Joe Micheels also Wins
Wednesday 4/7: CHSAA Intersectional Relay Carnival:
One of the best day's that the SJB Track & Field Team has had in a while
2 Meet Records are set...1 SJB Record is set...3 Woody Team Records are set...1 Jr. Class Record it set...1 Woody's Team Soph and 1 Woody's Team Frosh Records are set
[Team Results]
Tuesday 4/6: NSCHSAA Easter Classic: [Team Results]

Saturday 4/3: Kings Relay's at Icahn Stadium [Team Results]
A very good start to the season - Thank You for your cooperation
Two Woody's Team #2's - The Sprint Medley Relay Team and Boyce in the 400IH
Two Woody's Team Freshmen Records - The 4xMile Relay Team and Selle in the LJ
Steeplefest 2010 [Team Results] [Official Results]

Sports Fees for the 2010 Track & Field Team:
$130 if you DO NOT need a uniform or want a pullover top
$170 if you DO NOT need a unform and you WANT a pullover
$180 if you NEED a uniform and DO NOT want a pullover
$220 if you NEEd a uniform and you WANT a pullover

All others:
$145 if you DO NOT need a unifom and you already have the pullover
$185 if you DO NOT need a uniform and NEED a pullover
$235 if you NEED a uniform and NEED a pullover
THANK YOU for the kind words on my card and the gift certificate that I received at the Varsity Dinner. I will enjoy dinner with my family on you
Congratulations to Joe Micheels and Michael DuPlessis
for being accepted into MIT

Congratulations Joe Micheels on being a news 12 Scholar Athlete

DMR runs 10:38 Woody's Team Record
Cam-3:17PR, Hunter-51.8, Kyle-1:59PR, Zamps-4:29PR

Saturday 3/6: New York State Federation Meet

[Team Results]

[Official Results]

Elijah Pardo 3rd Place with SJB Record 7.53
[Elijah's Video]

4x200 4th Place in a GREAT RACE

4x200 Video Soon

Nike will invite High School Track Teams to compete for a TEAM Championship at Hayward Field in Oregon
[Click Here] for more info
Saturday 2/26: Long Island Inv
[Team Results] [Official Results]
Very Nice Results in our final tune-up before States/Feds and Nationals
Samples runs Woody's Team Soph Record in the 300m
Zampariello runs Woody's Team #2 in the 1600
4x400 Runs Wood's Team #2 and Wins

Tuesday 2/23 Eastern State Championships
Elijah Pardo takes 3rd Place in the 55m High Hurdles and Resets the SJB School Record
[Team Results]
Video's From CHSAA Champs
[4x200m Relay Finals] [55m High Hurdle Finals] [600m] [1000m] [300m Dash Finals] [Girls Coaches SMR] More soon
Saturday 2/13 CHSAA Championships [Team Results]

3rd Place with 29.5 Points
(Videos and Pictures in a few days)
Perrelli 6'4 and First Place in the HJ
4x200 1:30.96 and First Place
Pardo 2nd Place in the Hurdles
Solomon 2nd Place 44'6.75" Triple Jump + 3rd Place 21' 1/2" Long Jump
Pitt 3rd Place in the High Jump
DuPlessis 3rd Place in the 300m
I love coaching this team!!!
Sunday 2/7/10: NSCHSAA Championships [Team Results]
Even though we did not get the win we did get the effort
I am very proud to call myself your coach
[The following should report to practice tomorrow]
Wednesday 2/3/10: NSCHSAA Championships Pole Vault
[Pictures of our Jumpers]

Dom Safina - Woody Team Record 10' - 3rd Place = 3 points
Pat Collins - 5th Place = 1 point
First time we have had two score in the pole vault
going in to Sunday, the score is St. A's 8 pts - SJB 4 pts - Cham 4 pts
Great Job getting us started on the road to victory

Saturday 1/30: Midterm Madness at Fordham U
LaQuann Martinez sets Woody Team Soph Record in the HJ - 5'8
Tyler Cisek sets Woody Team Frosh Record in the 400m - 58.0
Christian Welch sets Woody Team Frosh Record in the 800m - 2:18
Many PR's to end the regular season [Team Results]

Saturday 1/23/10: New Balance Games
The day did not start off very well. The bus was 35 minutes late and then we spent over 1 hour on the cross bronx. The fresmen 4x200 missed their race and had to run in the sophomre 4x200. They did however run a Woody's Team Freshmen Record 1:41 a time that would have been good enough to WIN the Freshmen race. Troy Pitt was able to get us feeling better watching him High Jump 6'2 and just missing 6'4!!! Troy even got Newsdays attention as they interviewed him and wrote a very nice [ARTICLE]
[Team Results] [Official Results] [Pitt HJ's 6'2"] [SHR New Bal] [4x200 New Bal]
Friday 1/22/10 Developmental at St. Anthony's:
The hard work is starting to pay off!!!
2 new SUB 5:00 Minute Milers (Hall and Bruinooge)
Zampariello runs a Woody's Team #2 in the 3200
Pardo jumps over 20 and 40 feet
and many PR's all around
[Team Results]
Monday 1/18/10 Frosh/Soph Champs:
Freshmen Win and Soph take 2nd

[Team Results] [Official Results]
Who should report to practice tomorrow is posted on the right
Saturday 1/16/10 Stanner Games: [Team Results] [Official Results]

4x400 runs SJB Record 3:26.19
This was a very long day with very good results throughout the team
Frosh SMR's 2nd with a WTFR and 5th - Very good 1000's, 55's, 300's, 600's + 1600's

Wednesday 1/13/10 Milrose Games Trials
Great racing but not a great outcome...SJB Runs 8:04.47 but still did not make it
SJB Finishes in 7th place just 2 seconds behind 1st.
[Team Results]
The Freshen Team runs a Freshmen Record 9:07 (2:13-2:17-2:16-2:17)
Saturday 1/9/10 + Sunday 1/10/10: Hispanic Games 2010
Day 1: [Team Results] [Official Results]
Elijah Pardo set the school record in the 55m HH running 7.68 - WOW!!
4x200 comes in 7th running 1:32 - [Watch Video]
4x800 Runs 8:06 and is CHSAA #1 - NYS # 3 - USA #9 and WT #2
Day 2: [Team Results] [Team Results]
Freshmen 4x200 finish in 1st Place and run a Woody Team Frosh Record 1:42.91
Sophomore 4x200 (1:39) and 4x400 (3:43) finish in 2nd Place
Pat Collins Jumps a Woody Team #1 in Pole Vault - 9'6"
[Freshmen 4x200m Relay] [Freshmen 4x400m Relay] [Sophomore 4x200m Relay]
Thursday 1/7/10: Freshmen Developmental
[Team Results] [Official Results]
Saturday 1/2/10: Novice Champs + Varsity Invitational
[Team Results] [Official Results]

On the Track and in the Field things went very well
3 Woody Team Records were set and many PR's
SJB Takes 2nd Place overall
Monday 12/28/09: Marine Corp Holiday Classic
[Team Results] [Official Results]
Shuttle Hurdle Relay Team sets the SJB School Record 31.19
Varsity 4x200 runs 1:31.86
Freshmen: 4x800 runs 9:23, 4x200 runs 1:43 and 4x400 runs 4:00
More Video's Soon
[Fresh 4x200m Relay] [High Jump Relay] [Fresh 4x800m Relay]
Tuesday 12/12/09: Christmas Classic
Matt Perrelli and Troy Pitt Jump 6' and 6'2 for 1st and 2nd Place
Plus many other great results and PR's
[Team Results] [Official Results]
Friday 12/18/09: Developmental Meet
Plenty of Woody Team Records are set and many PR's
[Team Results] [Official Results]
Saturday 12/12: CHSAA Intersectional Relay Carnival [Team Results]

Freshmen 4x200 - Sophomore 4x200 - Sophomore 4x400 - Varsity 4x200
2xTriple Jump and 2xHigh Jump
Others Earning Medals:
4th Place Freshmen 4x200 - 3rd Place Freshmen 4x400 - 4th Place Sophomore 2xShot
[Soph 4x200 Video] [Varsity 4x200 Video] [Soph 4x400 Video]
[Shuttle Hurdle Relay A Video] [Freshmen 4x200m Video] [Freshmen 4x400 Video]
12/7 Walt Brem Inv #1 at Farmingdale HS

Dom Safina 8'6" - Pat Collins 7'6" - Tom DuPlessis 7' and Emma Cleary 7'
Great start for the SJB Pole Vault Crew
12/5: Kickoff Classic at Fordham University [Team Results] [Official Results]
The Frosh and the Soph's get the season started by winning 22 medals
and setting a Woody's Team Record

Freshmen DMR Fiore 3:57 - Selle 60.1 - Frawley 2:33 - Welch 5:04 = WTR 12:36