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Boys League Champions: 1969+1970+1971+1972+2016
Girls League Champions: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Girls CHSSA State Champions: 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009

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Updated 11/23/2019
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Varsity Letter

Boys - Girls
2.5 Mile: 15:20 - 18:40
Flat 5K: 18:20 - 22:40
SMSP 5K: 19:30 - 24:00
Boys - Girls
1.5 SMSP: 8:30 - 10:10
1.5 VCP: 9:30 - 11:20
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Frosh Champs 2010

JV Girls Champs 2010

SJB X-C 2020

Saturday 10/24/20: NSCHSAA Sophomore Champs + class races
[Team Results]
Emily Hamel comes in 3rd Place in the Soph Champs

Sabrina Spezia finishes in 2nd Place in the Senior Race
Caitrin Crawson finishes in 3rd Place in the Junior Race
Fernando Sanchez finishes in 5th Place in the Senior Race
Roan Anderson finishes in 5th place in the Freshmen Race

Saturday 10/17/20: 4xMile Relays at St. Dom's [Team Results]
Boys Freshmen 4th Place - Boys Varsity 4th Place
Girls Varsity 2nd Place
Oscar Partyka 2nd Place in the individual Mile Race

Saturday 10/10/20: NSCHSAA First Race at Our Lady of Mercy Academy:
[Team Results] [Official Results]

The Athletic Directors and the coaching staff would like to THANK OUR PARENTS for your help and cooperation on Saturday. What we asked you to do, drop your kids off - then go away - not get to watch their race - then come back and get them, was a big ask and our SJB XC Parents did it better than any other school in our league.

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Click to see the letter e-mailed on Wednesday 9/23 to all that signed up
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Welcome back to SJB
Our first practice will be Saturday 9/26 at 8:00am. We will meet next to the tennis courts off of Park Ave in Babylon Village. Temperatures will be checked during attendance and all must be wearing a face mask. Coach McGrath and Myself will give you and your parents as much information about the season that we can. A run will then be assigned and the athletes will go do their workout. At that point parents are welcome to ask any questions they need to. This is going to be a very different season and we all have to remain flexible. Practice will be over by 10am

[Directions To Meets+Practices:]

[2020 Schedule]
updated 12/2/20
Week 5:
Mon 10/16 and Tues 10/27:
3-5 after school
Wed 10/28:
at home run will be assigned
Thur 10/29 + Fri 10/30:
3-5 after school
Sat 10/31:
9:30 - 11:00
Team Pictures and quick pre-race practice

Sunday 11/1:
Frosh/JV/Var League Champs

At Our Lady of Mercy Academy
[Time schedule soon]
Week 6:
A list of who returns for two more weeks will be posted
We are still waiting for NSCHSAA Approval to race Mon 11/2 + Tues 11/3:
3-5 after school
Wed 11/4:
at home run will be assigned
Thur 11/5 + Fri 11/6:
3-5 after school
Sat 11/7:
CHSAA Frosh/Soph Champs
Varsity Practice
VanCortland Park
Week 7:
Mon 11/9 + Tues 10/10:
3-5 after school
Wed 11/11:
at home run will be assigned
Thur 11/12 + Fri 11/13:
3-5 after school
Sat 11/12:
CHSAA Champs
VanCortland Park